The Rightsize Service

International Design Competition Winner

A collaboration with Dr Alysia Bennett from Monash University and Professor Dana Cuff from cityLAB at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), The Rightsize Service was one of seven winning teams in the City of Sydney’s international open ideas competition, the Alternative Housing Ideas Challenge.

The project explores how home owners in Sydney might be encouraged to adapt and divide their homes in collaboration with a Community Housing Provider to create additional affordable rental offerings for Sydney. It aims to address the increasing problem of substandard housing development seen through inappropriate do-it-yourself (DIY) development. Part design-led approach and part finance and management model, home-owners are motivated to create new dwellings within existing houses. The service would be supported by development advice and new loan and property management approaches.

The proposal leverages the potential of domestic space, the DIY ambition of homeowners, and the regulatory potential of community housing providers to lift the affordability, quality, and diversity of housing in the City of Sydney local area.

Recommended citation:
Bennett, Alysia, Madigan, Damian, and Cuff, Dana. “The Rightsize Service: Stage 1 Winner, City of Sydney Alternative Housing Ideas Challenge.” Sydney: The City of Sydney, 2019.