Raising the Bar on Residential Infill

Contract research for the South Australian State Planning Commission, interpreting, testing and communicating new state-wide residential infill housing policy.

Raising the Bar on Residential infill is a contract design research project undertaken with the South Australian State Planning Commission, the SA State Government Architect at the Office for Design and Architecture SA, and the SA Department for Infrastructure and Transport.

The project interprets, tests, and demonstrates the key policy measures in South Australia’s state-wide Planning and Design Code, assessing their ability to deliver improved infill housing options for the suburbs. Tree Canopies and Landscaping, Stormwater Management, Carparking and Garaging, and Street Appeal and Facade are explored as key policy aspects.

The work involves graphically communicating policy requirements and their desired outcomes to a broad audience that includes policy makers, planners, architects, designers, the building industry and the general public. It requires a mix of diagrams and visualisations that succinctly and clearly demonstrate the ambitions of housing policy, which can often present as impenetrable to the end user.

Recommended citation for images:
Madigan, Damian. “Raising the Bar on Residential Infill Design Research Project.” Adelaide: University of South Australia, 2020.