THE BLUEfield housing book


‘Bluefield Housing as Alternative Infill for the Suburbs’ (Routledge: New York and London, 2024) is available in paperback, hardback, and as a free Open Access download from – no login required.

“. . . a grand vision for a future of housing and practical guide for how to achieve it.”

– Michael Piper, University of Toronto

“This is design research at its best – useful, transferable, propositional – advocating a compelling alternative to planning metrics.”

– Jennie Officer, University of Western Australia and Officer Woods Architects

What is ‘Bluefield Housing’?

The Bluefield Housing Book

An aerial view of a bluefield housing development on a corner lot. On the left is the roof of the original house. In the centre is a new dwelling created as an addition at the back of the old house. On the right is a detached backyard home. In the middle of the lot is a large shared garden with trees, lawn, paving, and a timber deck.


A picture of pages 86 and 87 of Damian Madigan and David Morris' chapter on the Port Resolution Project in the book "Models and Methodologies of Community Engagement"